What Makes Keo Pipes so Easy to Clean?

As a smoker, you know what a pain it is to clean your pipe. It’s hard to get access to all the inside surfaces of a normal pipe. You probably find yourself dreading the task of having to soak your pipe in alcohol, then use pipe cleaners to remove the tar and ash. That whole process is such a mess, no wonder you probably find yourself avoiding it. The result is, you likely end up using a dirty pipe much if not most of the time. That makes the taste much less appealing and reduces smoking pleasure. Did you know that bacteria can grow in the residues inside your pipe?

And if you’re using screens, you know what a problem they are to keep clean – almost impossible! You’re forced to replace them constantly if you want your pipe to maintain cleaner smoke and an open draw. Because screens are hard to clean, you probably end up trying to smoke with a constricted draw. What a hassle!

We think life is too short to bother will all that. Why deal with all those problems if you can not just clean, but sterilize your pipe in about a minute? That’s why we invented Keo Pipes.

Both the Keo Sport and the Keo Disc pipe are designed from the ground up to be easy to clean. Both have just three parts that are magnetically attached, so the parts can be easily separated, leaving all surfaces accessible for cleaning. Also, the shape of each part is designed to make it easy to clean with an alcohol wipe.

Instead of using screens that clog almost instantly and are hard to clean, Keo Pipes use Fiter Gap TechnologyTM which makes cleaning even easier. Tar and ash accumulate on surfaces that are easy to access and easy to clean, so you can enjoy a cleaner smoke with cleaner taste. As an extra bonus, forcing the smoke through the tiny filter gap cools it.

Keo Pipes also use hard and durable stainless steel for all inside surfaces and high-temperature FDA approved silicone on the outside. Both surfaces are completely non-toxic and extremely easy to clean.

With Keo pipes, cleaning is fast and easy:

  • Pull off the Top part (with Disc, pull off the Slide)
  • Separate the remaining two parts at the mouthpiece
  • Clean all surfaces with an alcohol wipe
  • Pop the parts back together
Keo Sport Pipe

After each cleaning, it’s as if you have a brand new pipe! It’s so easy, you can do this after just 1-2 bowlfuls and it’ll only take about a minute. That means you have a lot more time to kick back and just enjoy smoking.

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